The snowy night and The Knight

It was a snowy night, crummy and bleak

When the oceans cried and mountains felt weak

Murky skies, moonlight grew dim

The cold air was cursed and stank of grim

This night was the most precarious I had seen

My soul cried blood to the horrors obscene

I, the child of the eternal flame

FAITH as my armour and ‘KNIGHT’ in my name

I wielded the sword of HOPE with the witt of a thousand suns

I survived the long dreadful night but I bled out my expectations

I, the ‘KNIGHT’ still stand strong though I paid a steep price

The snowy night has passed and I hope to see the sunrise

A Bloody Creek

A bloody creek of memories
flows in my deserted heart
A blithering existence of centuries
in which merriment is disbarred
It washes my despair fresh
and leaves my soul scarred
It leaches to fuel the fires deep
these flames outreach the stars
It’s tormented, tired and anguished 
which once was hallowed ground
My being had never faced such
numbness, so profound
I sit quietly with my eyes closed
while I feel these memories dart
A bloody creek of memories
flows in my deserted heart